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[À revoir] To access the conference proceedings, move your mouse pointer over the session on the following programme.

It will open a new window where you can click on the final paper to download it

Session 1

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Thematic Session - Working with AI

Naikar and al. Humans working with AI-enabled machines in complex environments: design concepts and rationale for self-organization
Baber and al. Incorporating a ‘ladder of trust’ into dynamic Allocation of Function in Human-Autonomous Agent Collectives
Barton and al. Academic detailing of emergency medicine clinicians to inform post-implementation continuous design of an algorithm-based clinical decision support tool to prevent falls
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Keynote lectures

Marianne Cerf. Transition towards sustainability in the case of food systems: issues for ergonomists and ergonomics
Dave Woods.  Always adapting, but in what direction: Re-vitalization or Re-trenchment?
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